Where is the updated documentation on using the astman functionality?

This old documentation is all I can find. But it does not list anything about PJSIP.

If I list the commands, it shows PJSIP commands.

But I cannot make them all execute. Here is what I get trying PJSIPShowContacts

But PJSIPShowEndpoints and PJSIPShowEndpoint both work.

My ami.php file for testing:


// Load FreePBX bootstrap environment

// Load AMI
global $astman;

// $test = $astman->ConfbridgeListRooms(); // works
// $test = $astman->ConfbridgeList("198"); // works

// $test = $astman->PJSIPShowAors(); // does not work
// $test = $astman->PJSIPShowContacts(); // does not work
// $test = $astman->PJSIPShowEndpoints(); // works
// $test = $astman->PJSIPShowEndpoint("103"); // works

$test = $astman->ListCommands($actionid=NULL); //works

echo "DUMP AMI RESULT BEGIN<br />\r\n<pre>\r\n";
echo var_dump($test);
echo "\r\n</pre>\r\nDUMP AMI END<br />\r\n";


The $astman method ListCommands invokes the Asterisk AMI command ListCommands,

58448910*CLI> manager show command ListCommands
Action: ListCommands
[ActionID:] <value>

List available manager commands.

which returns acceptable asterisk AMI commands, not $astman class methods. The confusion arises because the class methods have identical names to the AMI commands. To date only a few pjsip methods have been added to the class which you can see by using this line in your script:

$test = get_class_methods($astman);

[[email protected] tmp]# php ami.php  | grep -i pj
  string(18) "PJSIPShowEndpoints"
  string(43) "PJSIPShowRegistrationInboundContactStatuses"
  string(17) "PJSIPShowEndpoint"

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