Where is the FreePBX backup file saved?

I have a fresh install of the most recent version.

Previous posts on this forum indicate:


However neither contain my backups.


Asterisk (Ver.
PBX Firmware: 1.818.210.62-3
PBX Service Pack:
Date 18 Dec 2012

The backups should be stored in one of the directories you listed. Do you have a backup configured to run and has it run? Run it manually and see if it creates the backup.

You don’t happen to note which version of FreePBX you’re using but with 2.10 it’s /var/lib/asterisk/backups/ by default.

Hi guys,

This is my version Asterisk (Ver.
I just saved and ran a backup.

I do not see a backup file or folder in either of the paths I mentioned.

We didn’t ask for Asterisk version we asked for FreePBX version. Please state the version (specifically) of the backup module.

You can obtain this info from the module admin module or from the command line " /var/lib/asterisk/bin/module_admin list"