Where is the data stored?


I want to know where all the data of freepbx is stored.
If I did something, that brings my configuration out of order, I want to mak a full restore of all concerning asterisk and free´pbx.

At the moment I restore

but ther must be some more.

For example, when I change an extensions name and then restore the folders above, restart asterisk and the relogin to freepbx, the extension is still renamed.

Could anyone please tell me what to restore to get totally back where I was before?


FreePBX has a Backup & Restore module that should backup everything to a gzipped tarball for you. See:


The problem is: I have not made any backup with freepbx. So I can not make a restore. I only have a backup of my complete system. So I need to know which files I have to restore to bring my freepbx back to the working state. I don’t want to make a restore of the complete system.

Everything in FreePBX are ‘stored’ in two databases:

  1. MySQL in database asterisk
  2. In a Berkley database at /var/lib/asterisk/ called astdb
    When you press the Apply Configuration Changes in FreePBX the configuration files are created in /etc/asterisk.

To get back your system, restore:
And your MySQL databases. You should now be back on track.

NOTE!! This is NOT a supported solution!!!
If this breaks your system into pieces, well, then you have a lot of pieces to play with.

Problem solved: I did a backup from within FreePbx and took a look at the files stored in that backup. Than made a script that stopps mysql, restores all the data I need and restarts mysql.

That worked fine for me.