Where is Module Admin?

So the instructions say to click on admin and choose Module Admin to access all the different installed modules.

I can not find the Module Admin anywhere. Attached you will find the screen shot of where I am looking. If I am looking in the wrong spot, can someone please redirect me?

This is a pbxact system. Module admin is not exposed. What are you trying to do?

I just wanted to verify what modules were installed. I know I had an error that directed me to that page but now I do not know how to get back there.

Change the url to ?display=modules

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@tm1000 You wanted me to change the url. From what point do I change it? Can you give me an example of how the url should look? http://(My Ip address):2001/?display=modules ???

Click on any module from menu bar and change the display in the URL to be modules.

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