Where is Flash Operator Panel in freepbx?

Hi dudes
I have been using Trixbox ce for couple of monthes and I am satisfy with this system but my friends advise me to use freepbx. I installed freepbx and notice that there is no FOP in this system!!
I use this tool to monitor my extensions and having know if there are available or not.However I can not find it in freepbx. it is very usful tool for me.
I want to know where is FOP in freepbx or is it removed from the system?
if so how can admins monitor their systems without Flash Operator Panel?

I am far from an expert here, but we have tried FOP2 which you may like.


The newer versions of FreePBX use iSymphony. You can remove iSymphony and install FOP2 and the FOP2 admin module. This is the Lite version and allows you to have up to 15 items displayed such as extensions and trunks. The licensed versions gives you unlimited extensions and trunks for $40.00 USD.

thanks for your rapid replies.
how can I access to iSymphony?
I have another problem too!! in console I cannot access to setup menu !!
setup and netconfig commands do not work.
what’s wrong with freepbx.
I have simple problems with this system!


What version of FreePBX? Is this a FreePBX Distro install or installed by hand?

I have installed Distro "FreePBX-1.1100.211.63-x86_64-Full-1352152046"
I think its the latest version.


FreePBX-1.1100.211.63-x86_64 is beta so it is not a surprise that there might be things that don’t work.

Perhaps you might consider starting with a stable version of the distro.


I just realized that you said that setup and netconfig do not work. These are not FreePBX utilities they are Centos utilities and have nothing to do with FreePBX.

What happens when you run setup or netconfig?

according to your exprience what is the best and stable version of freepbx?
I enteedr this command in centos but I have received "command not found"
druring configuration I defined manual IP address, at the end of installation it has DHCP configuration !!
so I use setup and netconfig but …

If you look at the Distro download page it lists all the current versions.

Many of my systems are running 1.817.210.58 but this is EOL so I would not build any new systems based on this if possible.

I am trying to install 1.817.210.62 but am having some problems.

I agree with what’s been said here. Start with a stable version of FreePBX and not a beta. I installed FOP2 in my system (required some help from them as it’s not a simple install but they’re very helpful and friendly over there). I also installed Asternic Call Center which gives me a lot more information about the calls such as who answers the phone, how long the talk, etc. Again, I had to have help installing it as the installer doesn’t seem to do it all correctly but they’re friendly and I love what it does for me.