Where is external IP address stored in msql database on FreePBX 13?

Does anybody know where the external IP address value is stored in mysql database on FreePBX 13 (HA) systems?

The short answer is it depends…

The one reference to a mysql table that I can find in the code was "SELECT * from sipsettings where keyword=‘externip_val’, _, but in my case that value is empty:


Not sure what I missed.

Maybe the “detect network settings” button on the sipsettings page ?

Yes, but what I am looking for is where the value that’s set by pressing the detect network settings button is stored in the MySQL database.
On Freepbx 14 and 15 it’s in the table kvstore_Sipsettings, but not on 13.
There is a table sipsettings which has a externip_val field, bit it’s empty in my case, even though on the GUI I have an external IP address configured.
So it must be stored somewhere else.

What I want to do is implement a script that rewrites a the external IP address into the database when the IP changes, like that one:

If you are using NAT then that box will reflect in it’s pop-up help

This address will be provided to clients if NAT is enabled and detected

If you need to overide a detected static ip you can set it there .

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