Where is email for security notifications defined?


Where is the email address for security notifications defined? I have an older 10.13.66-22 system that I am babying along for another few months until the customer’s new building is ready. When I took over the admin I changed every email address I could find to mine but yet the security notification emails still seem to go to the old admin email, obviously one I missed somewhere :slight_smile:

(Andrew) #2

This is located in the module System Admin > Notification Settings.


Thats what I thought… but all 5 fields in there have all been changed to my email address… yet that’s not where the security notifications are going :slight_smile:

(Communication Technologies) #4

What security notification are you seeing going to the old admin?

(Lorne Gaetz) #5

Module Admin, Alerts tab

(Andrew) #6

He’s running 10.13.66-22 which I’m pretty sure doesn’t have that.

(Andrew) #7


mysql -u root -D asterisk -e "select * from sysadmin_options;"

You don’t need to post here but verify that the email address values match what you want.


Like this morning’s “there is 1 module vulnerable to security threats” notifications.


@adell4444 there is one field “abnormal_email” with the old address, is that likely to be the one I’m hunting for?

(Andrew) #10


update sysadmin_options set value="emailaddress" where key like 'abnormal_email';

Where emailaddress is the email address you want to send notifications to.


FWIW I also found the old email address listed in the admin table… so hopefully between those two that will do the trick.