Where In the World Do I Add SIP Devices?

Hello all!
I’m new to the world of telephony. So please have some patience with me, but I am trying to configure an eyebeam softphone by counterpath directly to my Asterisk server rather than to Anveo’s server (who I bought my SIP trunk and DID number from).

I have been searching the web as to how I can add this SIP device through freepbx, but all of the tutorials I have seen have screenshots and videos of the older FreePBX interface where the menu was on the left hand side and the “extensions” option was available.

Would someone please point me to where I input SIP device information with this new interface, where all of the buttons are neatly organized up top? =)

Thank you in advance for your patience with my noobified question.

It’s that big beautiful button called “application.” LOL!