Where does Zulu get its directory from?

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What table does Zulu use to pull directory information? Currently we have Yealink desk phones and Zulu. For the Yealink phones we have a script that extracts user named and extensions from the “devices” table of the Freepbx database. Some users complain that they do not see the same information on their desk phones as on their Zulu softphone. What table should I be pulling the names and extensions from in order to make sure the phones and Zulu display the same directory?

Also, how much time does it take for Zulu to update its directory after changes are made on the GUI?

(Jared Busch) #2

One would assume contact manager, since that is the “directory” for the system. For the internal directory, one would assume that is linked to User Manager.

I have a Yealink remote address book scripts for that: ContactManager_to_Yealink_AddressBook

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