Where do I change freepbx.sangoma.local and can I limit the upsell

Looking at the docs it suggests I use the system admin module to adjust “freepbx.sangoma.local”. However, you cannot use this unless you activate with some Sangoma account.

Other posts online suggest editing /etc/sysconfig/network. This also has no affect and mail continues to flow using freepbx.sangoma.local.

Some articles suggest making sure you have an entry in /etc/hosts. This has also been updated but even after a restart mail and notifications continue to come from freepbx.sangoma.local.

I’ve looked in Settings > Advanced Settings and don’t see it even mentioned in here.

Is it possible to adjust this without activating to gain access to a module that lets you adjust the configuration?

Is there a really good solid reason why this whole “connect to Sangoma account” thing is pushed so hard everywhere I click in FreePBX? I just want the basic functions. I’m about ready to just jump back to plain Asterisk. I don’t want to see a buy now on almost every link I click. Is there a configuration option to hide all the upsell? I don’t mind that it’s available and if there’s something I want I am happy to buy. But I feel like I’m driving a small car and every button I click causes the dash to say “buy now to unlock this feature”.

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