Where can we find paid local support for our FrePBX

Our FreePBX is setup on a server in a data centre and has been supported by an overseas contractor.

We are a NFP and have grown to the point where we need local support in case we have a failure

Anyone know where we can find a local contractor. We tried Upwork but all replies are from overseas in a different timezone

What is ‘local’ ?
What ‘support’ is needed ?

We are in Melbourne. Server is at VPS Blocks.
We need someone in the East coast timezone so they can quickly respond if our phones are offline

As well as attending to service failures, we need to make changes from time to time.
We have two jobs waiting.

  1. Load new audio files
  2. Change a script. Vonex bought out MNF (our original provider) and Vonex require a change to our setup

My go-to Aussie @xrobau is about to be in the wrong time zone for several weeks because he is coming to the US. He may be able to point you in the right direction between various quests involved in his travels

Thanks TheJames.
How do I contact him …?
I can see his profile but cannot see how to send him a message.

He may appear here or he is xrobau on every social media platform and probably Gmail too

If you click this reference @xrobau you should see a blue message button. If not, you may be too new to send a PM; note that in your reply here and a moderator should enable that capability for you.

Thanks for explaining why I cant message @xrobau. You are right -I cant see a blue message button

Dear Moderator - can you enable messaging for me please [Done-mod]

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