Where are the modules?


I just installed asterisk and frepbx. Everything seems to work fine, except I miss several modules.
For example there is no ring groups module in my web interface.

I necessary I could post a screenprint.

Where could I enable the missing modules?

Didn’t find anything about that in the www.

Kind regards

You must be new to FreePBX, take a deep breath, relax and scan the Web GUI. See the column on the left hand side. Look at the second item down. Now if you found that already and still don’t see what you need when you are in the Module Admin , take a look along the top you’ll want to check for updates. That will get you all the latest stuff.

It takes a little bit to get used to the interface and where everything is placed but playing and poking around to learn where everything is for 15 minutes will help greatly.

Thank you.

Allready was in this menu, but didn’t see that check for updates brings also not installed modules.

Shame on me.

Thank you very much for the hint and sorry for beeing that stupid.

Kind regards

Not a problem we all started at that point at one time or another. Playing around is the best way to learn.