Where are the Call Records in 2.10?

Am I completely dense? I can’t find the SMDR reports in FreePBX 2.10 (using the distro).

What do you mean SMDR?

Sorry, old TDM lingo. I mean CDR :slight_smile:

its a module now. So in your module list should be CDR Module

Ahh, thanks!

Actually SMDR stands for Station Message Detail Recording and is not a stored record but a real time “peg” of call accounting. Usually send via a serial port.

Asterisk actually supports SMDR.

SkykingOH you geekness is now greater than mine. I am in awe of how much info you have stored in your head. LOL

I’m looking through modules and cannot find it. I have all repositories enabled. I upgraded from 2.9 some time ago and just realized I don’t have CDR. What am I missing that I cannot find it?

What is the exact section name and module name I should be looking for?

It’s called CDR Reports under the Reports section.

It was definitely not there. This is some kind of bug. I had to manually get the cdr module directory out of the FreePBX 2.10 install file and upload it into my FreePBX module directory. Then it showed up as an installable module in the list. Yes, I checked all repos first and then pressed the button to check for available modules.

Anyways, once I did that and installed the module everything was ok. I think this is going to be a problem for a lot of people who upgrade from 2.9 to 2.10 using Module Admin.

Well nobody else has reported it and I have upgraded no less than 500 people from 2.9 to 2.10 in FreePBX support and never had a issue with CDR’s