When will the Asterisk 13.18.0 update be available please?

Could I possibly know please when the Asterisk 13.18.0 update will be available with FreePBX? I’ve spoken to the Asterisk support team, and they have told me they don’t control the release time for FreePBX. This update will potentially resolve an issue I’m having and I’ve been told the 13.18 update will resolve it.

Available now in 14 distro. It should be available soon in 13.

I’m currently running FreePBX And the update is not available to me. I was curious to know if I could simply use the command ‘asterisk-version-switch’. I’ve seen the options available to me are Asterisk 11, 13, 14 and 15. Could I simply switch versions to either v14 or v15?

yum install sangoma-devel
yum update

I ran those commands, and I’m still on Asterisk v13.17.2

When I make a phone call, I get the following warning every second for the duration of the phone call. It’s filling up the logs.

WARNING[13556] [C-0000000e]: chan_pjsip.c844 chan_pjsip_write: Can’t send 10 type frames with PJSIP

I was told by Asterisk, “Frame type ‘10’ is comfort noise which Asterisk does not support. However as of 13.18.0 this message will be silenced so you won’t see it anymore.”

That’s why I’m trying to upgrade to v13.18

Is has been updated. And I’m no longer receiving the WARNING message. Thank you for your help.