When users dial country codes + instead of 00

hi all,

in my dial pattern i have X. which works for extensions/local numbers/country codes if they put a 00 infront of the number ie 001xxxxxxx

if they do put a + infront of the number what should i put in dial patterns for it to work



You will want a separate pattern of

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If you wanted a pattern that matched both you would need to use


However, Iā€™d really expect you to canonicalise the number as early as possible.

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The separate pattern as mentioned by @lgaetz should actually be a + in the prefix and leave the X. in the match. in order to canonicalise the number as mentioned by @david55.

Basically your outbound routes should be designed to get all of your numbers into a single standardized format before it is passed to the trunk(s).

so instead of two lines, i can do it all on one line ie

mtach pattern=X.

as atm i have two match patterns

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