When queue is called from external IVR does not play audio most times

Asterisk Version: 16.24
FreePBX Version: 16
The latest download from the download page.

Fresh installation, Queue configured, Extensions configured, Sip Trunk configured, Routes configured. Everything works well without IVR where the Queue is set as the destination for the inbound route(only one configured to the SIP gateway)

IVR shows “file Playing” in the logs but no audio output…Pressing an option still works as programmed in the IVR but that’s because I know the options to press (of course).

  • log entries indicate the recording is playing "Currently playing
  • I can playback in the system recordings settings
  • when I simulate a queue call with 7777, the files play without any issue
    Used system recordings (pre-recorded that came with FreePBX install), the same issue experienced…occasionally there’s no audio playback in the IVR when called by external phone just the same.

I see a lot of similar issues in this blog but no concrete solution by anyone…it will be great if this issue is resolved once and for all as it has turned out very frustrating for a lot of users.

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