When is PJSIPCallIDToChannel-RPM for asterisk 16.26.1 available?


On the sangoma wiki page for setting up the Sangoma Phone Desktop Client https://wiki.sangoma.com/display/CONNECT/How+to+Setup+the+Sangoma+Phone+Desktop+Client+on+the+PBX I found the information “Find the rpm name that corresponds to your running version of asterisk. Install it.” regarding the PJSIPCallIDToChannel-RPM.

When I do the search for the available packages, I get the same result as shown in the wiki so the only available package for version 16.* of the RPM is 16.8. My installed asterisk version ist 16.26.1. This means at the moment there is no RPM for the Version 16.26.1 available, right?

Is there any timeline when this will be ready? I would be glad to use the Sangoma Phone Desktop Client since Zulu is no longer in active development, as far as I know.

Beste regards

That’s the version you want. The wiki should say to install the rpm that matches the Asterisk major version. The freepbx_asterisk_modules rpm is not rebuilt with every minor asterisk version release. Adding that to the wiki now.

Thank you, I am glad to hear this.

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