When applying settings in FreePBX, and B-channels get reset, I drop all calls and fax sessions, is this normal?

So initially I thought it was related to the resetinterval parameter, because it was set too low, like every 1-2 minutes. I’ve looked into it a bit, and its not supposed to affect live channels. I set it to never for now, because I was told it would be ok, just so I can eliminate one source of confusion.

It seems that when I make changes to the PBX via FreePBX, and hit apply, therefore reloading all rules, dial plans etc, AND I can see that one of the last things the B-Channels get reset, things start dropping.

Then I get complains about dropped calls, fax sessions get dropped (res_fax) etc. So the question is, is this normal behavior? I haven’t had any issues doing these things with a SIP trunk. DAHDI seems a little different.

What do u think?

Are you using the Dahdi module in FreePBX to configure the card?

As a matter of fact I am. Now, truth be told I’m really not using the module itself, but its installed and enabled. I configured dahdi via CLI. But I did mess around with the DAHDI module I recall. Its not really all that useful.

Do you think it has anything to do with my issue?

BTW you guys at Schmooze did a fantastic job with the Fax 2 Email. I’m looking forward to new features and community support (like I was never able to figure out if Asterisk 1.6+ can act as a G711 to T38 gateway, so we can use regular ATAs for incoming, how cool would that be?).

Thanks again Tony.

Yes that module has lots of problems and why we do not recommend it. I would remove it. I have seen this module take down b channels lots of times.

Also asterisk even in 1.8 still does not do t38 gateway handling. There is a patch for it that we are looking at and it is slated to get into 1.10 this summer so lets all keep our fingers crossed.

Ok great, removed it. Looks better already :). I will test it more tomorrow during peak hours and get back on here.

Any update on this?