When a new call is on hold, a new call when answered goes to speaker

Hello to all.

I use many sangoma s705 phones all provisioned by endpoint manager.
I have a strange problem.
I have 4 lines for account 1 at each phone.
When I have my first call on hold and I receive a new call and I press the button of the new call, this call is answered in speaker.
At the above scenario if I press the soft key that says ‘answer’ the call is answed from the headset.

If the first call is not on hold and I’m talking and a new call is ringing in my second line and I press the line button, the new call is answered from the headset.

I really need, when I press the line button of the new call while the first is on hold to be answerd from the headset instead of the speaker.

I have change the headset priority from the endpoint and the intercom from the extension page but I have not found the solution yet.

Any advice or hint would highly appreciated.

I’m coming back with the above problem because I found another strange thing.

When I use a bluetooth headset the operation is as supposed to be. The new call is answered in the headset when pressing the line button while the first call is on hold.

When I plug a wired headset instead of the bluetooth, the new line is picked up from the speaker when pressing the line button.

The sangoma s505 has the same behaviour as the s705.
The yealing t28p that I have and tested works without going to speaker.

The solution is at the EPM to enable Phone/Headset Ringing in phone or headset and not both.
Hope it helps somebody else.

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