When a Music On Hold stream starts it restarts at beginning of file

I´m running 64 bit FreePBX and I´m experiencing the bug that can be found here:
After an announcement is played to a caller in one of the queues, the music file starts over instead of continuing. I´m using WAV files. Can this behaviour be altered in some conf file?

The ticket is closed as fixed. Do you have a version of asterisk its fixed in?

Yes Sir, I´m running the official freepbx distro version 10.13.66-17. Should be fixed in the Asterisk version included (13.19.1).

I am having the same issue, running the latest version of FreePBX. running Asterisk v13

Updated to Asterisk 15 and still having the issue.

How do you have this configured? If you are dropping out of the queue to do the announcement, then dropping back into the queue, this would be the expected behavior.

This “”“was”"" a bug that is reported as long ago fixed.
The pointers are handled within asterisk and there is no “resume” setting
A newer bug
reported fixed in 13.21.0, 15.4.0

We are running Asterisk Version: 15.2.2 – which is the latest as far as we can tell from FreePBX, I assume 15.4.0 isn’t integrated into FreePBX yet.

Will keep an eye out.

Thanks, @jfinstrom !

Configured like this: https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-27774
I´ll keep an eye out for 15.4.0 (comment from jfinstrom).

Thanks guys!

We do not build RC versions to our repos. Asterisk 15.4.0 is currently RC1. They are typically available shortly after they go stable.

It went RC on the 19th.
Viewing past releases it usually takes 8-10 days from rc to stable. (This is based on emails, and is not an official timeline)
So from that maybe 27th-29th assuming nothing blows up in rc

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Thank you!

Also thank you for all of your hard work on FreePBX!

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