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When a call has been parked (the color and state of the BLF light)

(Shawn Frye) #1

Hi SangomaOS Staff:

Can you remind me why we cannot have this:

When using a Sangoma phone (S505) when a call is parked … (lot 71)

The BLF light goes (solid RED)
Why cannot we have:
The BLF light goes (blinking RED)

If you could accomplish this, you would hit a home run.
Customers LOVE having a blinking RED light to press to “take a call”
They don’t treat solid RED with the same effort as a “blinking RED”.

Thanks for your reply.

(Dave Burgess) #2

Most of us aren’t Sangoma staff, but hi.

Have you submitted a feature request for this yet?

(Tom Ray) #3

Not a single one of my customers over the years has said “I really wish we had a blinking red instead of solid red” for BLFs.

Let me ask you something since I haven’t seen really used these phones. What happens when an active call is placed on hold? Does the line still show red but then blink?

Because on phones that I’ve used a blinking red light next to a line means that I have an active call on hold. So when I use that BLF for ext 100 to speed dial/call ext 100 and then I put them on hold I know that ext 100 not only is busy but it’s an active call I have on hold vs the three parking slots I’m BLF which are solid red because they have callers parked there.

So now I have my BLFs, some of solid red (showing busy), rest are green (not in use) and one is blinking red because I have an active call with 100 on hold. I can now tell the state things on my phone.

Does the phone having blinking red lights for other states of calls?