Whatsapp Messaging integration within freepbx

Hello Everybody,

Do you guys have any solution for Whatsapp Messaging integration with freepbx?

Any help appreciated.


This may be helpful: GitHub - assegaf/siptowhatsapp: Sip To WhatsApp Gateway for Converting Sip Voice Protocol RTP Audio to WhatsApp Voice Call Protocol,

@jgttgns I thank you but this is not helpfull as there is no clearity.
I need only messaging platform to integrate with freepbx.

I have a feeling that the information needed to do that is not in the public domain.


I wonder if freepbx provide custom solution on this or Any module on the added cost?

You can submit a ticket to Sangoma asking them to build something for you for a cost.

There is also a JOBS section of this forum where you can post a job and users can give you a quote to build it for you.

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