Whatsap To freePBX voice is possible

Whatsapp to freePBX is possible now.

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Can you call from FreePBX back to Whatsapp? If so, do any additional charges apply?

Looks like it is inbound only.

We can, but we don’t offer this option for sale.

Cos customers start to call to whatsapp numbers a lot and whatsapp blocks accounts very-very fast (whatsapp has a very-very strong anti-fraud system).

We fed up to refund money for this option :slight_smile:

Inbound trunk hasn’t these problems

Oh is this going to be like the whole Google Voice thing all over again?

Where can I read about the whole Google Voice thing? Sorry, I’m new here.

For a long time people used Motiff to connect to the XMPP gateways the GV offered. Then around 6-7 years ago they removed the XMPP and said 3rd party connections are no longer allowed.

After that everyone found ways to hack GV to the point a VP from Google nicely asked Asterisk/FreePBX communities to stop.

Since it appears Whatsapp blocks outbound from these SIP trunks as illegal/fraud connections, something tells me this service isn’t following Whatsapp ToS.

Outbound calls - yes, whatsapp sees them as a spam.
But incoming calls don’t violate their rules at all.

It seems there are several libraries out there for unofficially using their API (read as using these could get your account banned) . The route here for outbound may be if allowed to generate a call to the pbx and yourself. I don’t know if the functionality is there officially or unofficially… That said the few libraries I skimmed may make it easy to use messaging within FreePBX if nothing else.

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