Whats the latest Asterisk version

Hey guys,

I have a few machines that are currently on 13.22.0, I see that on the official asterisk website, that the latest 13 version is 13.27.1.

I understand that Sangoma only moves a new asterisk version to the stable repo once QA said it’s stable with FreePBX.

But does it make sense that the latest version in the stable repo is 13.22.0? Or am I missing something?


13.22.0 and 16.3.0 are both in the stable repo. 13.27.1 and 16.4.1 are in the testing repos.


Thank you Tom. I saw the 13.27.1 in the development repo. Off topic: do you run 16 on production servers yet? if so, any obvious issues? (I know there was some with FOP2)

Any word from @sangoma when newer 13 versions will be added to the stable repo? 13.22.0 seems like it was released around year ago.

I’ve been running 16 about a month after it was released. I run 16.4.1 right now and with FOP there are no issues. I haven’t been on 13 since last year for any of my boxes.


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