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What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

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(Brent Dacus) #145

Backup add backup to AWS.
Restore from AWS
PHP 7+ As noted in the last version update. 5.3 > 5.6 was really needed. Maybe I haven’t seen it a php 7 roadmap would be great.
More granular GUI control of Fail2ban and Firewall. Something Like CSF would be great.

Thanks for all the hard work so far.

(Brent Dacus) #146

I think the updating and improvements in general should be as fast as possible. I am in the keep the system up to date within the Stable Branch. Maybe it would be easier on people that don’t want to upgrade quickly that the major version jumps would be easier to accomplish including OS version updates. I think the Backup/Restore improvement will help this also. I also see SNG7 already easier to keep up to date as easier. Also the System Admin Module really helps the process as well.

(Brent Dacus) #147

Agreed +1

Agreed +1

(Brent Dacus) #148

Agreed +1

(Brent Dacus) #149

I tried this the other day and couldn’t get it to work. Gmail works well. I will try again.

(Chris Dolese) #150

working example shown here - when you set it up - send a test , remember the destination email must domain must be the office 365 domain … send the test , watch the debug … 250 ok then removed and you’re golden

at times ive seen the mail debug show a rejection and a message directing one to a site to authorize the IP

(Brent Dacus) #151

Ok Sorry I thought you were talking about the Office 365 button. So if I want to use Which button do I use.

Feel free to move my post…

(Brian Ladd) #152

Make users 1xx extensions, execs 2xx. Setup 2 phone templates-- one for the users and one for execs. Modify the dial string in the users template where it cant dial 2xx. Execs can dial 1xx and 2xx. Some variations of this could exist, this is just one example.

We’ve also done setups where the BLF’s for the execs on user phones was labeled “CEO” but actually went to the receptionist.

(Itzik) #153

Amazon Lex Integration.


I have installed Distro 7 I can’t seem to find the setting to enable MP3 recording.

Above is a screenshot to the recording formats options however there is no MP3 option.

Is it somewhere else?

(Andrew Nagy) #155

That setting is static. You can’t enable mp3 recordings that way.

(Itzik) #156

Ability to delete CDR logs older than $Amount of months.


auto update of modules as well. When the auto updates part was mentioned for v14, I thought that would include the modules, not just “under the hood” stuff.

(Andrew Nagy) #158

It does both


How the hell did I miss that. :slight_smile:

(Avayax) #160

I noticed that here on the forum, when Sangoma employees talk about estimated release dates of features, update scripts, modules, beta software, etc., the estimations are almost always way too optimistic and not realistic.
The actual release dates turn out to be months later.

That’s not necessarily about FreePBX 15, but more of a general, friendly feedback.
No offense, just something I have noticed and wanted to mention.


You have just described the entire software industry.


Is this the method you are recommending?

I am requesting it to be added to that dropdown. Just click “save as mp3” and be done. That would make things a lot easier then having to configure scripts.


I’m curious why there is demand for this feature. There is usually no problem playing the (mono, 16-bit samples, 8 kHz sampling rate) .wav files in Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android. At 128 kbps, the files aren’t terribly large (1 TB is > 16,000 hours of conversation). And if for some reason lossy compression was desired, I’d choose a format (OPUS, AMR-WB, perhaps AAC) with less degradation for a given bitrate.

(Garry Winer) #164

I previuosly mentioned Flash Operator Panel functionality. Specifically it would be nice for a main reception console to be able to have a list of all extensions and ring groups and then be able to drag and drop an incoming call onto an extension or ring group or queue, or even directly to an extensions voicemail. This is very much needed in larger deployments.