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What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

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Would love both of these.


these are all hardcoded in asterisk voicemail app, ask Digium.

(R T) #105

On the Dashboard I would love to see a breakdown of what
are “online” and “offline” v. 14 and prior just give a total. I want to know the names.

Also on the dashboard a gui view of all active calls from and to
-extensions internally
-and to and from outside callers

I would also like to see a dashboard timeline of faxes sent and received.

On the dashboard what are the current active
-time groups
-time conditions
-call flows
That are directing calls to ivrs, extensions, and ring groups. And show their destinations as a clickable link.

Allow the dashboard elements to be customized by location, size, and show/hide

(R T) #106

Provide interface to add Windows Server Share as a backup location.


I’d love to see the Whitelist Module (FREEPBX-14488) added.

I do not care at all about backup and restore. I run all my instances of FreePBX in a Virtual Machine and I get the backup and restore through that.


There are already a ton of free mobile clients for FreePBX. Grandstream’s GS Wave works great. So does Zoiper, and CSipSimple.

Bria for iOS supposedly works well, but you have to pay for it.

(Xpheres) #109

I would like to see an IVVR(Interactive video & voice response) app. It would be amazing if freepbx would come with an integrated menu that can not only be heard but could also be seen an controled with buttons and even forms to receive input and redirect to modules according to the input received.


Now that the patent has expired, call recording in MP3 to save space. If that is not possible then in some other open source format.

The ability for the client to access call recording without having to give them access to the entire admin interface.

The ability for the client to create their own holidays and hours without having to access admin interface.

(Andrew Nagy) #111

This is already in Sangoma 7 distro

(Psdk ) #112

our suggestions that come from customers:

  • Voting module : that is used for voting after call. Also it needs a report also.
  • Better reporting: Graphical CDR tools can satisfy most of users. It should be added to Qxact also.
  • Billing module: really it is a big missing. PinSet pro report doesn’t help. Users need a billing system to use for extensions and if it supports prepaid, will be perfect.
  • Easier call routing: for example for DID/CID routing, it needs working with asterisk dialplan.
  • load balancing for trunk: when there are more than 2 gateways, distribution of calls between the trunks, is important.

We made a voting for our customers in middle east. I’ll share the result with you.

(HawkEye) #113

Add support for controlling multiple FreePBX Servers from a central gui.

(Avayax) #114

But impractical to implement.

We have tried some of it and it’s ok for a small office, but if you have 200+ users it gets very cumbersome to manage. Tell all your users how to install the Zoiper app, enter all the account info, then maybe tell them how to install a DDNS client so that you can whitelist hostnames on your firewall. Then people leave, you do it all over.
No chat, no video.
Last I checked Bria was at $5 per month per client, so 200x5=$1000 per month, not doable.

No, we decided all of that doesn’t work.

I am talking more of a 3CX type UC solution. They install the app, get an email, click on the link and the client provisions automatically, it can do chat and video conferencing. All out of the box without much hassle from both a user and an admin perspective.
It works great and we need something competitive like that for FreePBX as well, cause currently it’s not competitive in that area.

Reading through what people are suggesting here in this thread, most of it are useful things, but only to a specific group of people.

Looking at the big picture, a complete UC and mobile solution is something everyone will benefit from.
Except of course for the fact that Zulu is commercial and expensive.
I wished Sangoma would open source it.

UC mobile is imo now the one big area remaining where FreePBX is lacking. The other one was upgrades of FreePBX being error prone, but that has very much improved (especially in 14, thanks Sangoma!)


All that for free? That’s a big wish!

I believe Switchvox has what you want and the licensing model may be more suitable to your need. But not free.

(Avayax) #116

I terms of increasing FreePBX user and install base, yes it would be better if such an essential feature were open source.
But I am ok to pay for it, no problem.

(TheJames) #117

There is a file store module coming in 15 that will allow things like this.


Things I’d like to see in FPBX15 - some come from my Avaya and Nortel (ahem, showing age) roots:

-Follow Me - feature button sends active call on primary station to FM destinations - if call currently on a FM destination, pushing feature button retrieves call at primary station (blinks when call active on FM destination for retrieval - phones tend to auto-insert call pickup code when BLF button is in “ringing” state, so integration with that). Existing feature request 14470

-Follow Me - Voicemail Guard timer: retrieve call if answered at FM destination before VM Guard timer exceeded (that way “confirm calls” can be disabled if desired). Existing feature request 14472

-Extension types changed from physical/virtual and vice versa. Existing feature request 15496

-Multi-Tenant Support - Tenant-to-tenant calling permissions as well as tenant-wide default music on hold settings. I can provide details on how Avaya does this on their Aura/CM platform, if desired.

-e911 support for ELIN based on IP Network Map (IP of station making the call defines the ELIN used). I can provide details on how Avaya does this on their Aura/CM platform, if desired. This is in support of more strict e911 laws going into effect over the next year - See Texas law “Kari’s Law” for details on where this is headed. There are also elements in the law for on-site notification (which I believe is currently a part of Paging Pro). May need to make this a “free” module to maintain compliance with these future laws.

-BLF hints to call/answer/show status of Queues and Ring Groups. Existing feature request 15974

-Follow Me - ability to insert a special character (such as “+” to all extended calls), so recipients on cell phones know the call is extended from the office. Existing feature request 14469

-Endpoint Manager - EPM global variables for Provisioned Device Brand and Provisioned Model (such as provisionedbrand and provisionedmodel), so they can be used in device fields. Existing feature request 14380.

-Endpoint Manager - column to show the most recent date/time the config for a given extension was actually requested/pulled (so you know if phones are updating. Maybe even alert if a phone misses 3 cycles of the config sync timer). Existing feature request 14345

-Endpoint Manager - column to show registered user agent for a given provisioned extension. Would be nice to have this in the ASTERISK INFO tab as well when viewing the two SIP driver statuses. Existing feature request 14344

-Ring Groups / Queues - Selectable per group/queue, any station actively selecting REJECT to a group/queue call actually sends call to queue destination (cancelling ringing at other stations). Would only be applicable for “ring all” type groups. Existing feature request 12583

-Follow Me - Rejecting call from primary station would skip FM destinations as well. Existing feature request 12582

-Expansion of previously created feature - Endpoint Manager variable was created for Voicemail Extension, but it isn’t in use by default in any of the templates - needs to be. However, the Extension admin pages need to be modified so they pre-populate the Voicemail Extension with the system-wide feature code when left blank, and only change if admin enters something else in that field instead. This was only partially corrected in existing feature request 10436

-IVR ability to create a “variable” function. For example, create a global rule that if someone dials a 4-digit extension in an IVR, it can auto-add a prefix to the resulting number. For example. Caller enters x1234, resulting attempted extension could be 0151234 (pre-programmed prefix of “015” set on all extension dialing.

-Ability to support BLF-Lists for BLF updates (RFC-4662). Not sure if this is a common thing or not, but Grandstream phones support BLF Lists, where instead of subscribing to each individual BLF, a list of extensions to monitor the status of is created. Any changes to any of those hints are sent in a single update rather than individual. Reduces messaging to the phone as well as subscriptions. Grandstream created something similar on their asterisk-based phone system product (the UCM). What I don’t know is, if this concept of BLF Lists is specific to Granstream or not. There’s an element in PJSIP that seems to do something similar for voicemail subscriptions, so it might be something that other manufacturers support.

-Visual Voicemail on the endpoints (my particular interest is Grandstream, but obviously support on Snom, Polycom, Cisco would be great too for others) - not just mailbox navigation, but mailbox settings and greeting control. If the user is assigned to multiple mailboxes, hitting the Visual VM button should first present a list of associated mailboxes (their primary one first, then any supplemental boxes they’re associated with). From there, they have the usual NEW, OLD, DELETED, and SETTINGS (which takes them into password, greeting, answer time controls.

-Voicemail for Hunt Groups (MWI sent to all members of the group).

-Ability to duplicate an existing extension and all of it’s settings (with the exception of it’s extension number, of course).

(Joel Freeman) #119

Are you speaking of the web server hosted on FreePBX installations? I’m unsure of the current state of manually adding https there (mine was done a while ago) but an option to redirect if not there could be nice (I did see some mention of Let’s Encrypt in the change log somewhere so it could be on its way :slight_smile:)

I was more referring to FreePBX/Sangoma’s web presences and documentation that we use when installing or upgrading. For the vast majority of cases typing or pasting http:// somewhere should set off alarm bells :stuck_out_tongue:

Some things I found:

  • The guide mentioned in the previous post tells us to non-securely download a package/code from and run it. does not redirect non-secure http to https[0] and as of writing doesn’t have a certificate from a widely-trusted CA[1] - it has a self signed certificate.
  • The advanced installation guide instructs us to download and compile code from a non-secure whilst the host seems to fully support https with a certificate from a widely-trusted CA. It later tells us to get FreePBX from a non-secure doesn’t redirect to or support https (connection refused).
  • The Asia-based mirror, doesn’t redirect to https and attempts to connect to it via https time out.
  • Within FreePBX itself there’s a scattering of links to non-secure http:// versions of,,, etc that could be changed with the new release.

One good thing to do would be to search the wiki/documentation for http:// with the goal of seeing if it can be replaced with https:// and if not what has to be done to enable that transition. If it’s an organization-owned server then it shouldn’t be too much trouble to get going (the certificates can even be free - no expense reports to file!). If it’s an external dependency you may wish to mirror a known-good version or perhaps see if they too can ‘flip the switch’ and enter 2018 :stuck_out_tongue:

The work done with the module updater (introducing signing) was quite nice to see! I’d still prefer it if,, etc went over https instead of http (eliminates an attack where a MITM can deny you access to a newer version by serving an older manifest and shields anyone on the wire from knowing the specifics of what you’re running) but it was a very nice thing indeed to see signing with verification added.

Apologies if I sounded snarky earlier. I quite dearly like FreePBX and am quite grateful for the work put in by you all. :slight_smile:

[0]: even if it did one has to trust that nothing will interfere with the plain-text redirect. best to link to https directly!
[1]: something in the Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple, etc root store

(Marcelo) #120

I think you should improve the UI big time. Maybe adopt like RedHat is doing with their Enterprise Web Apps (ovirt 4.2 being the first example).

Still on UI, the contextual help on the UI when you hover the mouse over the ? is great but it could be a target for a wide review and improvement. Quite often the info there says nothing or lack depth. It is extremelly helpful yet not well explored.

(Adam Kayden) #122

how to enable mp3 recording?


my 2 cents:

Observation field in the outboundroutes to write aditional info

Be able to route anonymoud inbound call’s to DID’s

Beeing able to set an inbound route to a ring group, that has external numbers in the format #999555111
so that the numbers are call’s simultaneasly

get rid of the requirement for some modules/features (few) that are stick to redhat/centos based distros, I use debian but this should be generic.