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What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

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One more thing that has bugged me forever - when you set up email notifications for module updates, allow a comma separated list of multiple email addresses to receive the notifications rather than just a single email address. This should probably also be possible anywhere that an email address can be entered.

(Itzik) #62

Works for me in Voicemail to email.

(Andrew Nagy) #63

Multiple devices on a single extension on asterisk is not the same as an old key system. There is no current way to emulate a key system like what you want.

(Kenny Riley) #64

Multi-tenancy. Please and thanks.

(Itzik) #65

@dvsatech We are using park instead of hold, this allows anyone to pickup the call.

(Brian Ladd) #66

I 2nd and 3rd this!


I have a dumb question about the backup / restore thing : will I be able to restore a FreePBX13 backup on a FreePBX15 setup ? THAT would be wonderful.

What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

A little silly : Lenny ! (without the audio files, as there are uncertain copyright issues with them).

To consolidate the other threads, I have felt the pain (we all have) trying to replace key systems because it was not possible to emulate the way they work. That’s not really FreePBX’s fault though, more the way Asterisk was designed.I have a long list of pet peeves about that.

PJSIP is progress because before it, we would have to do a ring-group and have issues with things as simple as the MWI working on all the phones in the ring-group. Does not replace a key system but goes in the right direction.

(Bryan Walters) #68

We are aiming to make backup/restore be able to do between version restores starting with FreePBX 15+. As the first step is making each and every FreePBX module be responsible for its own information versus how it’s done today. However, if you have something that is earlier, you can always use our tool which is available right now.

(Andrew Nagy) #69

To clarify one thing here. With Asterisk’s ARI and how it functions and is written this is possible, however you’d have to write an “SLA” ARI application (in whatever language you want) that could perform those actions.


To add to the chorus for multiple phones on a single extension, I often travel and would like to carry my extension with me, either a physical phone or soft phone on my pc. Now I create a separate extension, add to ring group, etc. This can be made to work but It would require less configuration overhead to be able to have a single extension. Not a critical for me but nice to have.

(Andrew Nagy) #71

@JessicaRabbit this functionality has existed since version 12.

(ADTopkek) #72

PJSIP allows you to do this. Or you can set a follow me on your primary extension.


Port FreePBX distro over to Debian or Ubuntu. I’m tired of the crappy and confusing networking stack in CentOS and its delayed hardware support. Not to mention FreePBX devs have complained about CentOS failing to provide an easy upgrade path recently from 6 to 7 (FreePBX 14 Release Candidate).

(Chris Dolese) #74

check out direct send for o365 email - it works today and requires no account - treat the pbx like it were an mfd

the main caveat with direct send is that it can only email to users in the o365 domain

backup to azure would be nice as well

(Chris Dolese) #75

im surprised no one has brought up management of UCP - no on struggles with sally left and susie now sits there ?


Last I knew, we were being discouraged from using PJSIP. Has that changed and when? Also routing calls and multiple devices are not quite the same from a callers point of view.

(Chris Dolese) #77

maybe an https redirect that can be enabled with an override from fwconsole just in case ?

uses can be pointed to an fqdn without worry of the protocol… anything that hits 80 is redirected to 443 and secure

(Chris Dolese) #78

nice - id like to see some duplicate features as well as templates … lets say a new CSR needs to be added and they may be a queue or ring group member with some other unique features - a CSR template to apply all the correct settings would be awesome

(Chris Dolese) #79
  • 1 for TTS integration with something

(Chris Dolese) #80

wow - more than one awesome feature request… we are hiring you know ?