What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

Better TTS default engines. Flite is Flite, but what about defaulting to Pico TTS? I know there is a forum post on it, but the Polly integration is amazing and super cost-effective compared to the old-guard solutions from Nuance, Cepstral, etc. It would be nice if there was a module that made it easy to add the Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google TTS offerings.

Also in the same regard ASR. This would add tremendous utility to our offerings.



+1 :slight_smile:

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Separation of the web server and Asterisk. I would like to have a data/control layer and a VoIP engine layer on separate machines. To extend the idea, a sort of multi-tenant where my FreePBX machine can control separate and unique Asterisk machines for different customers (maybe a customer / machine name pull-down in the UI similar to FusionPBX).

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Something else:

An easier way to modify the hidden default template that controls the default values for a brand of phones that won’t get wiped by each EPM module update. Right now I am manually modifying the default template in MySQL and it works great but knowing the changes won’t change and its easier would be fantastic!


I would love both of these things. I requested this once in the past and was told these folders are an Asterisk thing, not a FreePBX thing, however.


The building blocks exist in Asterisk to build your own voicemail application. FreePBX could do this or users could do it themselves. But if you are using the stock “Comedian Mail” then there’s very little flexibility.


Thanks for asking!

  1. Call Recording Reports should offer a better way to download archives. If the file is too large giving the root level address is not helpful for end users who want to manage the download.

  2. Adding multiple extensions at once without having to use the bulk handler would be great.

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Given the growth in spam calls, I would like to see the BlackList module turned into a robust, manageable application. More status data recorded and displayed, more editing ability and any other suggestions which are submitted. Maybe even submissions to one or more spam databases.


On a familiar note, I am still hoping for an topic driven help subsystem along the lines of the legacy systems I have built, but implemented using the current tools underlying Asterisk/FreePbx which have moved beyond my skills. IMHO would explode FreePBX into mainstream use.

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Base level version of EndPoint Manager with template building tools as Open Source module with option to subscribe to plugin provisioning packages of various kinds for those wishing to use ready made or advanced provisioning.


Better/easier/open SMS integration for providers other than SIPStation.

Having SMS functionalities available as they are within FreePBX and UCP is great, but SIPStation isn’t an option for everybody and as it stands there’s no easy path to use SMS as provided by MANY other providers.

Fine with leaving it to either the SIP provider to provide an interface module or for the FreePBX owner to write one themselves to translate between what the provider requires and what FreePBX requires… but open up and document the API so that it’s easy to do so, maybe provide a blank/sample module as a starting point.


I wasn’t happy to have to install node.js to run UCP in 14, for whatever reason. I have been reminded (many times!) that my use of the project is out of the ordinary, but I’d really like to see things stay as light as possible. Running in a VM with 512 MB of memory is easy with 13, not so much with 14 if I want UCP.

+1 for improved IPv6 support.

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UCP requires nodejs because of the instant server parts we moved into ucp from ucp node. If you don’t want to install node js then you don’t have to install ucp or pm2. There are other services and daemons we will be adding in the future in regards to ARI (think replacements of queues and voicemail apps) in this area as well but I would strongly suggest looking into 1GB of ram for your machines. It’s especially cheap these days and even pi’s have 1GB of ram. As we move into the future of 15 and 16 less and less we be able to run on 512mb of ram

There is a vendor, Zipwhip that uses APIs for sending SMSs. It’d be great if there was a module that could be leverage. Maybe Twillio too.


Ring Groups/Queues
A BLF key to monitor Queues or Ring Groups and be able to press that key to take the call.

Would love to see this one. There are a lot of great ideas here, but this one would have the most benefit to us. If this was an option, I’d pay for it right now.

Another thought is maybe a could provide a visual display of current call flows, (a flow chart of sorts) something that would simulate top to bottom the call path.

Most of my suggestions are on the JIRA tracker:
FREEPBX-14630: Call Recordings - Minimum Call Duration Feature
FREEPBX-14275: Call Recordings - Add Multiple Delete Feature
FREEPBX-13800: Add Reject Call To ext-did-catchall
FREEPBX-13168: Multiple Blacklist Support

I would also suggest adding Google Apps and Microsoft Azure Active Directory support to the User Management module.

This already works with user manager.

  • An audit log. This is a must as most of the time these PBXes are built for customers and handed them over to manage some parts. An audit trail would be beneficial for everyone in the event of a meltdown, we can see who did what and could easily reverse this.

  • Commercial module support for non-distro installations. We’ve over 600 VMs built on Debian and this has caused us grief many times. We want to purchase modules, but cannot do so now due to the limitations imposed.

  • A trunk setting to limit the total number of channels (inbound & outbound) and ability to play a custom recording if the limits are reached/exceeded.

  • Call flow generator - a page that shows the call flow for at least the inbound direction. Just a flow chart so that we can troubleshoot and visualise the flow. (Mitel MiCloud has this feature)


Adding all the functionality of the Flash Operator Panel natively in FreePBX would be awesome!