What versions of MongoDB are compatible?

I am trying to install FreePBX v16 on Debian 11. The easiest way install MongoDB is from their apt repository. It looks like only v5 is available for Debian 11. Will that work with FreePBX v16?

Mongodb is only used for xmpp. Do you use that?

I am aware of that.

I don’t think the xmpp module is very popular so just wanted to make sure.

Doubt the dev team has tried that version. You might have to be a pioneer and try it and report back.

The lets-chat software is pretty old: GitHub - sdelements/lets-chat: Self-hosted chat app for small teams

The fact is it’s there and I need to install MongoDB to use it. Full stop.

Understood, let us know how your tests go.

I’m not telling you not to use it, just that I don’t think many people do use it, so the support group is going to be small on this one. Debian 11 & FreePBX 16 is a pretty new combination that not a lot of people are working with yet. I’ve done some work with it, but none on the xmpp module.

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