What version of Asterisk is contained in current 2.210.62-2 iso

Have been running and playing with AsteriskNOW distro for 2 years. Looking to update but having issues so planning to start fresh. Wondering what version of Asterisk is bundled with the full distro iso. Is it 1.8 or 11. Looking to go to 11 just trying to figure if I can take the easy way of the iso, or have to compile everything manually, and then add FreePBX.


With 2.210.62-2 you can either install asterisk 1.8 or 10, in fact once installed you can switch versions of asterisk if you choose to.

You can view the exact versions available and any updates available by visiting our new wiki:


If you do decide to change your Asterisk Version later you can run from the Linux CLI:


This will switch between any of the the supported Asterisk versions for your Release Track at any time.

Just reread your question, if you want Asterisk 11 then you will want to go 3.211.63

Thanks recon. I figured there would be a page with distro version details on, just couldn’t find it. Any concerns you might be aware of with the 3.211.63 “beta”? Really want to go with 11 for the LTS. Have 1.6 on current box, and was trying to update to 1.8, but having issues so figure make the leap to 11.

Wondering what the lifecycle looks like for various distros. I see several 1.XX versions are EoL, and just wondering how quickly 2.2x or 3.2x might reach that point.

The 2 and 3 versions should not EOL very quickly as they are based on Centos 6.2 and 6.3. When the 2.x is EOL their will be upgrade scripts to the 3.x branch.