What Verision of PHPAGI is in FreePBX Distro

Does anyone know which version of the documentation on Sourceforge for phpagi applies to the version in the FreePBX 13 distro? Doing diff between phpagi 2.20 from SourceForge and the version from the FreePBX distro produces 2216 lines. I am having AGI issues, and want to RTFM, but I don’t know which one.

We forked phpagi a long time ago.

Any forking docs? lol

This is the version of code we run: https://github.com/sangoma/phpagi

As for documentation. Every function is fully documented and every function has a link to the new Asterisk wiki: https://github.com/sangoma/phpagi/blob/master/agi.php

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Thanks, Andrew. But that doesn’t match what is installed on the 13 distro – here’s the top of my phpagi.php:
> <?php
// License for all code of this FreePBX module can be found in the license file inside the module directory
// Copyright 2013 Schmooze Com Inc.
// Copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005 Matthew Asham [email protected], David Eder [email protected]

And here’s the top of the github file:
> <?php

Is it safe to just copy the github files to agi-bin on FreePBX

Also, github README,v 1.4 2005/05/19 13:19:37 refers to folders docs/ and api/docs but I can’t find them anywhere. If they exist can I get another helpful link?


No. It’s not safe to copy that.

That does match 100%. You shouldn’t be comparing the files like you are. Everytime we change phpagi in freepbx we go and update those files in the other repo. Therefore if you want documentation on how it works then you should just look at it.

Yes, after looking at the code in both files it is the same. Just the copyright stuff is different. I should have looked closer but I’m always after the easy way. :slight_smile: Thanks again!