What this means: Call forward on busy for extension is set to 04?

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provider: freepbxhosting.com
PBX Version: (all updates)

I was testing how to forward calls to voicemail extension. I read you need to dial *EXT

so from my software phone I dialed

a) ## to transfer
b) *9004 (*ext)

Then announcement was played,
“Call forward on busy for extension is set to 04”

To be honest I don’t know what I did, can any one help me to understand what I did and how to revert.


Ok I disabled
Disabled, Dialing

Ext 04, is this internal freepbx extension, system?


Nope. When you used “*90” is set the call forwarding for that extension to “On” in the database. *91 turned it off.

I’ve never seen such a thing before, but my experience certainly isn’t omnipresent.

Are you using ‘9xxx’ for extensions?

Hi! Thanks for your reply.

Yes the extensions are 9001 to 9010

If I understand correctly I cannot use transfer emails to voicemail because extensions are in the 9XXX



I’m not sure how I’ll be getting around this. :confused:

Check the Feature Code list. You can adjust the feature codes to not confict with your extensions.

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In Admin->Feature Codes, disable *90 (you probably don’t use it), or change it if you do.

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Worked perfect.

Thanks for all the help!

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