What resource is most important on a large conference call?

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What resource is considered more important on a conference call of lets say 70-80 participants?
Bandwidth is not an issue, however I’m not sure if the taxed resource is memory or CPU?


Processor. Memory shouldn’t generally be any issue.

Agreed, in that your configuration could cause things that need more CPU than others - for example, if you have people calling in using different codecs, you will have to transcode the calls. If you’re not doing that, you don’t really need a lot of resources on the server to support larger conferences.

We’ve heard reports of problems with conferences with more than a couple dozen participants. Most of them are problems with running out of processor resources transcoding the calls into the various streams.

Thank you all for the quick responses, we aren’t translating, everything will be G711, having said that we can for the first run keep an eye on CPU resources…


Also, it’s not always transcoding; sometimes it’s resampling. In our initial testing of confbridge, when we were setting out to replace meetme, we found that resampling could be worse than transcoding.

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