What might cause Zulu not to display a call popup on one machine?

I have the Zulu windows desktop client installed on three machines. On two of those, when an incoming call comes in on the connected extension, Zulu shows a popover on the windows desktop detailing the caller ID of the call.

On one of these, the Zulu popover never shows up. The Zulu application seems to be aware of missed calls etc as I look in the application window, calls in/out seem to show in the history there.

When I looked at the application logs, however, for the two working installations the caller ID can be seen in the text file, on the non-popover-showing install, the caller ID is not present.

So it’s not massively clear to me what’s going on - how can the call appear in the Zulu history yet not appear in the logs and also not show the popover?

I wondered if it was windows firewall related so I deleted it from the offending machine’s windows firewall list and restarted the app and made sure I said ‘yes’ to all communication. No change.

Any tips?!


Any ideas on this v. welcome! :slight_smile:

Just to answer this part. It very well could be Ghost Calls. Zulu is a softphone and a softphone is just like any other SIP phone. It’s sitting there listening on your network for calls. You see a call in the history that doesn’t appear in the PBX CDRs or anywhere in the PBX history that shows this call hit the softphone then it’s possible that call didn’t come from the PBX and hit the softphone directly.

hmmm, but these are 100% legit calls that show as a popup on two windows machines just not on the third? Currently installing the Zulu client on a fourth PC and intend to test with the third PC’s extension login details then try with the first and second.
Debugging sesh. (Not suggesting this is a bug at Sangoma yet - could be a bug with a firewall here etc).

OK, that is something different. I was more or less explaining that you could see calls on an endpoint and then never see them at the PBX or in the CDRs because they never went through it.

It wasn’t very clear that this was a single call hitting all three extensions at the same time and 2 of the 3 were getting CallerID/popup but the other was not. It was describe more as 2 of the 3 get the CallerID/popup when an incoming calls hits them the third doesn’t.

Well, it’s both of those things, unless I’m being stupid. The extensions are on a ring group.

So when you call that extension directly, Zulu provides no CallerID or popups?

That was correct. However, I’ve just uninstalled and reinstalled the Zulu client a second time, and rebooted in between, and that seems to have fixed whatever was wrong. It’s now working.
Still not showing a CNAME, though. I sort of wonder if Zulu gets its Caller ID name from a separate source to the settings for the inbound route? Mine is set to SUPERFECTA and as I say, this works great for my Digium D50 endpoints and even my Linksys ATA connected Panasonic ‘old fashioned’ DECT handsets. Just not Zulu.

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