What might cause Zulu not to display a call popup on one machine?

(D E) #1

I have the Zulu windows desktop client installed on three machines. On two of those, when an incoming call comes in on the connected extension, Zulu shows a popover on the windows desktop detailing the caller ID of the call.

On one of these, the Zulu popover never shows up. The Zulu application seems to be aware of missed calls etc as I look in the application window, calls in/out seem to show in the history there.

When I looked at the application logs, however, for the two working installations the caller ID can be seen in the text file, on the non-popover-showing install, the caller ID is not present.

So it’s not massively clear to me what’s going on - how can the call appear in the Zulu history yet not appear in the logs and also not show the popover?

I wondered if it was windows firewall related so I deleted it from the offending machine’s windows firewall list and restarted the app and made sure I said ‘yes’ to all communication. No change.

Any tips?!