What mean the mail queue when he notifies a red fire logo?

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On my dashboard, I have a red fire logo in front of the mention Mail queue. What’s meaning ?

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That it’s not running.

EDIT: i should’ve add, run service postfix start to start the service.

If you have trouble with your mail queue see this https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/PPS/Checking+Email+Queue

Ok @PitzKey, I launch this command in Asterisk command or directly in the linux system?

I am not sure what OS you are using, should be in Linux system.

Refresh that notification widget after you started postfix to see if it’s green.

Yes, I use Raspbian Stretch 9.1 on a Raspberry Pi 3.

From bash, make sure it is enabled on startup

systemctl enable postfix

Check it is running at any time from bash with

systemctl status postfix

From the asterisk CLI, you can

!systemctl status postfix

This is what I have when I type These command by ssh PuTTY

Then you omitted to install it

Ok. The command is :

#apt-get install postfix

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