What is the system requirement to install FREE PBX?

What is the minimum system requirement to install FREE PBX?

Can I install an Old Laptop for testing purposes?
Like on Core i5 Laptop. Currently, it has Windows 7.

Also, do I need a dedicated IP address or I can use a dynamic IP address to run FreePBX?

to try it on Win7 you have to create a virtual machine ( eg: virtualbox ) and install freepbx on it.
it could work for testing purposes, my suggestion could be to interact to freepbx via another pc/mac/linux if it is getting too slow.

No need to have a dedicated ip address, unless you want to connect extension from outside your lan.

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Thank you so much [cagliano].
I really appreciate your prompt response and help!
I’ll try today to install it on a VirtualBox.
I have another machine that is running on Windows 10 with the latest update. I’ll create a VirtualBox virtual machine.
Virtual Machine is the best idea and thanks you so much for the advice.
I have one TB hard drive on it and 32 GB RAM, I think it is 8 Gen Corei7.
This might be better for testing purposes.
Please also leave me here if you have any other advice on running FreePBX.
Thank you so much again!

I think that i7+32gb of ram will be more then enough for a brief test :slight_smile:

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