What is the redis in memory database used for?

I am having a issue where the Redis in memory database is like 1.9GB, what modules or what features use the Redis database engine? Every about 5~8 minutes it dumps its database to disk basically stopping asterisk processing for 20 seconds or so because of the IO load while writing a 1.9GB file, taking the system load from 0.4 to over 5.0 instantly. Any suggestion?

Good question - that’s what I would like to know, too.

Well, a little more info I discovered. I downloaded redis tools and ran a memory scan of the keys and came up with this -

database type key size_in_bytes encoding num_elements len_largest_element expiry
0 string zulu_getContactManagerContactsByUserID[4567][717437] 327776 string 267904 267904
0 string zulu_getContactByExtension[4413][916066] 168 string 65 65
0 string zulu_getContactByExtension[4359][1512533] 168 string 65 65
0 string zulu_getContactsByUserID[1990][2771716] 327768 string 323789 323789
0 string zulu_getContactByExtension[4278][831933] 168 string 65 65
0 string zulu_getContactByExtension[4755][585908] 168 string 65 65
0 string zulu_getContactByExtension[4259][1201418] 168 string 65 65

In the tune of 99,000+ lines, Now why is the question? At least I know the issue is Zulu.

Ok, for anyone that may run across this, there is a fix. And they are suppose to build a fix in future versions, if you have a excessive database file run this command to trim it -

redis-cli KEYS "zulu_*" | xargs redis-cli DEL

That will fix the issue.

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