What is the raid setup for?

Hello i know the freepbx has raid in it. But which raid is it?

You posted in general, so freepbx does not have raid in it, the Sangoma distro does, it is limited to raid1 I believe. Perhaps repost in the “distro discussion & help” forum?

Hello dicko from what I’m reading there is some kind of thing in the freepbx not sure what it is i have 2 hard drives both are blank when i installed them. Then i installed the latest freepbx and it give me the option with or without raid.

As I posted already:-

How do i get to there i only know how to get to the general help?

When you post here the top right bit allows you to choose where you are posting.

Oh i found it i didn’t know there was a drop down menu.

Hello i think i switch to the right topic now. I have a question about the Raid in the freepbx. If the first drive dies out. Would i be able to use the second drive? Do i lose all my stuff are is it still there with the second drive?

The raid is a software raid 1 that will erase both of your hard drives and install the entire FreePBX distro on both drives. If one drive fails, gets unplugged or shot with a bullet your system will keep running as if nothing happened. It is always recommended that both hard drives be identical, same model, size and speed.

Hello Addisonb Thank you. So if one drive dies there both gone? Does that mean all my voice mails and Ext are gone as well? That means i have to reinstall everything again?

No, exactly the opposite.
If you setup without raid it will only use one drive and if that drive fails you could possibly lose everything.
If you setup with raid it will use both drives and if one of the drives fails the other will keep the system running while you replace the failed drive.
You should always still use regular “off machine” backups to an external device.

I will also add that there is a small possibility of events happening that could corrupt both hard drives because they are mirrors and make the data unusable but the idea is that this is less likely than a hardware failure. (and is very unlikely if you don’t screw around with the linux end)

To resolve software raid issues on failure or replacement

man mdadm
man sfdisk

It won’t happen automatically.

Hello dicko thank you. But i was just wondering if one drive dies can the second drive still be used? with them commands what do they actually do?

Read them, the idea is to

a ) fail the partitions
b ) remove the partions
c ) replace the bad drive
d ) replicate the partitions from the working to the new drive
e ) add the partitions back to the various raids

for most everything get your clue from

cat /proc/mdadm

for d ) then

sfdisk -d /dev/sda|sfdisk /dev/sdb (if /dev/sdb died and you replaced it)

Thank you. I’m learning something something everyday.

It might be necessary to update grub(2) on your new drive for when the other bugger dies, (grub(2) is actually outside of linux )

It’s important to note that none of this is important until years from now when a drive does fail. I don’t think you’re there correct? You’re just building a new system?

Hello Addisonb you are correct I’m building 2 systems one for my work and one at home for learning so i can learn at home then i can make it work at the job. But reason why I’m asking all these questions i have no clue on. I did a lot of searching online as well as a lot of videos. Yes drives new or used can die. So can motherboards as well as memory. So I’m just trying to be prepared in what could or could not happen you know.

It is also important to note that shit happens , almost always when you are not prepared, but gotta love your complacency, that has never worked for me so far, how about you?

It happens does happen a lot. But I’m here to learn. That is why I’m here.