What is the last and best version of FreePBX to install in VMware?

Hi, would somebody tell me, what is the last stable versión and the best of FreePBX to install in VMware?
I try in the last days of 2014 to install some distro´s but this always fail.


I’m running version 6.12.65-24 in VMware and its working fine. Have also run precious versions with no problems.

I’m running 6.12.65-26 which I believe is the latest version. I’ve been running FreePBX on ESXi for many years and have had zero problems.

byteguy/ JayG30, thanks for your reply…

Please, you can tell me, what version is 6.12.65-24 / 26?
Links to download from FreePBX is appreciated.
I dont see this reference…
And please, you can share details about the process?

  • milestones in the process, Version of VMware EXSi, etc…
    Thanks for all this.

In the past, the last four year, all forums say and I hear about that this no is good.
But this history can change with the new technology.
Asterisk 11, 12, 13 and count…
Virtual Machine each day come to win, gain more performance, etc, etc.

I think now this concept can be more wide in the “know how”.
The datacenter´s technology is here and now, and I think the best position is go to easy and flow with this.

I love hear opinions about this from the developers from FreePBX.


Download straight from the freepbx website HERE.

Latest stable 6.12.65-X64 download HERE

I’m running the latest freepbx release (all asterisk version work) on an ESXi 5.5 server. Haven’t updated ESXi in a while, but I would bet a million dollars it works in the latest ESXi.

Devs will tell you they don’t recommend running in a VM. Typically this is because of increased complexity in setup on the hypervisor that they can’t really spend time troubleshooting for you. However people have been running FreePBX/Asterisk in VM’s for MANY years and many versions. People have done this since asterisk 1.8.

If you can’t make it work I suspect you either don’t understand what you are doing in ESXi or don’t know how to setup Asterisk/FreePBX and putting it in a VM doesn’t magically fix that.

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I can only agree with JayG30.
I’ve been running Freepbx for a year now, various versions and never had any problems with it running on VMware. We have over 550 extensions and its setup has a an Freepbx HA cluster.

We also run the majority of our Asterisk (FreePBX Distro) boxes in VMWare with no issues.