What is the default user id and password for AstericksNOW (current .iso distro)

Current distro does not match documentation. Centos OS installs fine but without gui. I used yum to load gnome and firefox. Can access the web gui but can not log in (none of the system passwords work). the manage .cpl file in the astericks directory has secret=amp111 I have triaed admin / amp111 admin / &111 the Centos user id’s. I’ve created new users under Centos - nothing seams to work.

You are more likely to find an answer by using Google (try “asterisknow default password”) or by asking on the AsteriskNOW forums at www.asterisknow.com. FreePBX is only a part of the AsteriskNOW distro.

u: freepbx
p: fpbx

So… question here: How do you change that default password or delete that default user?