What is the best trunk to use for USA calling?

I’m new to this and I’ve been searching for the cheapest and best trunk to use for my calls. I’ve seen so many and want to know if there are any that users recommend for low cost calls in the USA.

It very much depends on your calling patterns and amount of minutes used…

equal in and outbound calls

about 8000 minutes monthly

need to be able to make 8 calls simultaneously

I have been happy with flowroute and vitelity, both using the pay per minute plans. I don’t have that much call volume though.

I’m glad I asked, those rates are way better than I’ve found.

Those both provide the SIPs I need?

They work for me with asterisk/freepbx, so technically they should work. You would need to review all the terms and conditions. Generally though, the per minute rate plans have few restrictions - just need to pay credits up front.

I always go with per minute rates since my usage is quite low. You would want to compare some of the other plans.

I just switched to Flowroute, and I am using FreePBX
I have showing in FreePBX I have 2 ip Trunks on line, but Flowroute is not showing anything.
I have a linksys hooked up direct and it is doing fine, but having a heck of a time getting FreePBX to work. Flowroute said they have no idea. It shows on their system but with errors.
I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions. Thank you in advance. [email protected]