What is the benefit hosting VOIP (Asterisk software) on Co-Location Server?

Hello,I am very new in FreePbx system,I have aquestion-
What is the benefit hosting VOIP,FreePbx (Asterisk software) on A Co-Location Server?
For host a VOIP like Asterisk Voip,service how much bandwidth,CPU,RAM & Disk Space needed?
Thanks For Help Answer My Question :slight_smile:

Look at freepbxhosting.com. they are the only company certified by Schmmoze for hosting systems. I use them and could not be happier. The obvious benefit is you don’t have to upkeep hardware. If you are like me and have many irons in the fire it is more cost effective to have someone else spend time on hardware upkeep.

freepbxhosting.com also helps pay the bills for FreePBX as its a collaboration with FreePBX and CyberLynk. A great way to support the community.