What is my sip address?

Hey guys. Ive just installed a fresh new copy of Freepbx. Im fairly new to Freepbx but have used software such as SIPX etc.

Now what would my domain be for me to connect my phone to?

Usually im use to creating a extension (that extension is the persons username)

i thought it would have been sip.xxxxxx.me.uk. The hostname is actually sip.restofmydomain.me.uk

and what would be my login username for this account.

Also one last question, can someone point me in the direction where i can find the billing module.

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How about providing some details to start as you say you are new. The best thing we can really do is point you to one of the many good beginner manuals which will get you up to speed very fast. But since you’ve not said how you have built your system it’s hard to point to something that will match. For example you trying to connect localy, or externally? do you have control of your dns? have your firewall setup right?

But so that you know for most distro’s there is a setup/setup manual that covers how to get setup and running. For trixbox search for trixbox without tears, Elastix has one right on the main home page, PBX-in-a-flash also has one, etc…

For billing your best bet is to do some googling. That or take a look at your distro or one of the others as som have it integrated already.

Hi, it is an external server I have setup.

The location I have set to where you login is sip.telo.me.uk. The OS is centos 5.1. I used the install guide from this site. However, it did not install zaptel(or what it is called) said I did not have a perticular kernal.

I personally would have thought that it would have been something like this (hostname: sip.telo.me.uk) and the username would have been the extension number.

This is how I’ve used SIP before, with providers and how I setup sipx, but decided freepbx because it does more after what I’m looking for. I hope this can help you.

So I’m wondering how I would connect say a softphone to my new voip netwok. I’ve logged into the panel and have got full greens, all services are running. I have no firewall setup and disabled it when I disabled SeLinux.


Assuming you are using x-lite set the SIP proxy server address to the FQDN of your server. The username is the extension and the password is the secret.

please report on your success or otherwise.

Hey guys got it to work. The problem was i was trying to use my pin not my secret. Im now using my host name as the sip address.


You can solve all these problems and other related problem just by visiting their site. They have answered all of your queries. Same issue was arose in my call center but I did the same as I mentioned above.

You might want to check out this good explanation of what a SIP Address is and why it’s important. It’s more than just the way you address users within your dial plan. It’s looking more and more like SIP addresses will replace the current telephone number address system.