What is going on now?

all of a sudden all the pbx’s we manage are showing “error” on the console - the message says an ajax error and to check the console. is this all caused by the latest release? these weekly fire drills are becoming expensive

by the way even after the upgrade to .16 the ajax error still appears

i too get error message in the console that happens on every page

i also noticed that going to Admin > System Admin > Updates
gives me exception error shown in the second screenshot

i think they have really screwed the pooch. i upgraded our internal system to .16 to see if that would fix the problem. i can tell you it did not. in fact after the upgrade, asterisk would not start, the ucp and Zulu demons did not start. what a mess

I was tinkering with some settings on another issue, now whenever I select any page form the main menu, such as applications/extensions (and it seems ALL other pages available from the main page) I get a red box in the upper right corner. it has a shield with an exclamation mark and the text"Error". That’s IT! I’ve seen some pics of other errors and there is explanatory text below, this has no other text!

If you click on the red box, or wait about 10 seconds, it fades away.

Any ideas where to look? Otherwise, the system seems to be working. But, something changed related to inbound calls after we had a power failure, I’m still trying to figure that out.



we all have the same issue. hang tight until some one at sangoma wakes up and figures out what they hosed tonight.

Hey guys, can you check again? We are undergoing some maintenance at the moment and looks like one of the urls didn’t get switched into maintenance mode appropriately causing the error you are seeing. Anyways I’ll post back after we finish with our maintenance.

the error is still there

Me too :frowning:

OK, so this must have something to do with the feeds or the updates info, and not the actual control of the PBX, then. That’s a big relief! Seems like it might have just gotten fixed, too!



As of a few minutes ago our maintenance window for the night is over and all should be back to normal. We will re-evaluate in the morning and see what we can do to prevent this from happening in the future. My apologies about the inconvenience and any panic it may have caused.

Of note this was not caused by any module updates. Instead it was caused by the store JavaScript url causing an error because our store server was undergoing maintainence. Even if you did not upgrade any module you would have seen that. It would also have zero effect on Zulu, ucp, asterisk and the like.

it looks like the error is gone. i now need to figure out why the upgrade screwed up our system. it appears that after a reboot there is a deadlock - asterisk won’t start until the firewall starts and the firewall won’t start until asterisk starts. if i manually start asterisk the firewall then starts. once i figure that out, then it is on to the ucp and Zulu demons - neither of them start either

bksales did you go form 6.12.65-32 to 10.13.66. i need to perform this update too but don’t want run into any issues

we did upgrade from the 6.12 track to the 10.13. The only tips I can give you are to make sure that any commercial modules you have installed are on maintenance. if the maintenance has expired they will not upgrade.

That happened to me too.
Turns out I had a leftover cookie from an aborted commercial module purchase that was passing the servers an expired token, and I was getting a 500.

If it happens again, try another browser / computer first. If the error goes away, delete your cookies.

As a rule of thumb, the Ajax error appears early on the Dashboard, and always at the end of any other page, introducing a delay.

Of course you might get it also when there’s a DNS resolution problem, or the servers are down.

Maybe it would be better if these known error conditions were handled a bit better, rather than a laconic “Error” pop-up.

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And that’s what we do now. We fixed this last week

Great minds think alike… :wink:

Better error handling or less verbosity?