What is DID? - Yes I tried to find out


I see the docs talking about creating a DID or entering a DID. What is a DID?


Please change search provider, your seems to be broken…

Can’t offer help without a snarky comment?

Unless he already knows that DID stands for “Direct Inward Dial”, what “search provider” would reveal that to him?

GarryFre, to be more specific, if you are connecting with a VoIP provider then the DID is usually the telephone number assigned to your VoIP account. In the United States it’s usually either a 10 or 11 digit number.

In a bad mode today sir_sip?
I searched for freepbx did and got a lot of info about what a did is.

It always kind of puts me in a bad mood when I see someone beating up on a newbie. Not everyone has the same level of searching skills, and it wouldn’t necessarily occur to someone to type in both FreePBX and DID in the same search.

We were all new users once. Be nice to the newbies.

there is a difference between a newbie and someone who doesn’t bother to learn on their own and research. I can’t really say what the oP is but perhaps they will understand how to use a search engine better.

Wouldn’t you rather have the highly skilled, underpaid and hard working programmers and engineers programming and engineering instead of regurgitating the same data over and over?

Here is a novel idea. Why don’t some of the forum regulars get off their ass and create some FAQ’s and help the newbies out?

Which “highly skilled, underpaid and hard working programmers and engineers” are you referring to? I sure hope you aren’t including yourself in that category - that would be the funniest thing I’ve heard all year! But for the persons who really do fall into that category, I’d sure rather they did what they do best than come into the forum and do something they feel is beneath them, with a bad attitude. That doesn’t help anyone.

As for your “novel” idea, I think certain forum regulars used to actually do that, back in earlier times. I wonder what ever happened to those folks, and what could have happened to drive such people away?

I never saw anything here I even remotely took as nothing less than Friendly help. I appreciate the zeal of some in making this a friendly forum for newbies.

Relax folks! Not worth getting heated up about.

Thanks for all the fine info!

I wasn’t speaking of myself, however I am so glad to give you yet another to take a shot at me.

Since you take such great enjoyment in it why don’t you come to Astricon and do it in person?

Maybe because not all of us can afford our own private planes to fly all over the country whenever we please. Some of us actually look at the price of gasoline and think twice about whether we want to drive to the next county over.

But beyond that, it wouldn’t accomplish anything. All I am asking you guys to do is be nice. If I take a pot shot at you on occasion, maybe it’s because I’m trying to show you how it feels, because you have been known to belittle others and try to make yourself seem superior at their expense. If you didn’t do that, I would never even think of making such a comment about you.

Maybe giving you a little dose of your own medicine isn’t the right thing for me to do, but I have to admit I get a little guilty pleasure out of doing it every now and then.

Is your forum search working? :wink:

Try to find my post :confused:

I am addressing these in order of importance:

It’s not about superiority and I am sorry if my comments were perceived as self promoting.

Without any question I go off on people selling their skills or systems with a lack of experience. If you look I never give individuals a hard time.

I know many individuals and organizations that “get it” and have invested the time and the training to become reasonably competent and installing Open Source based phone systems. It’s not a difficult goal but it takes a lot of hard work. If you don’t have a foundation of telephony knowledge and reasonable competence at the Linux shell it is a very disjointing task.

Rarely do “step by step” instructions exist and when they do they still require the user to interpret the output on the screen and make reasoned decisions based on the data. It takes 10 times longer to talk someone through doing something that to actually do it.

This is truly the most pitiful class envy drivel I have read. It embodies all that is wrong with this Country. In my 50 years I have made thousands of choices, some good and some bad. The sum of those choices has earned me a reasonably comfortable lifestyle and some degree of security over my future.

The fact I have earned my living in the telecom business would suggest that instead of looking for fault in what I do that perhaps you would want to take notice at some of the things that have worked for me and incorporate them into your plans.

I put myself in the line of fire, have at it. I am a big boy. Sometimes something constructive exists in criticism and I can actually learn from it.

To close, Open Source Telephony is disruptive and enabling at the same time. Those who can build successful organizations around the technology will prosper.