What is 'Default Message' for Route Congestion Messages?

Under TOOLS > ROUTE CONGESTION MESSAGES, all the options are set to ‘Default Message’.

What is the ‘Default Message’, and where is the default message specified?


The default messages is a combined message:
all-circuits-busy-now & pls-try-call-later

It is defined in the file functions.inc.php for that module.

Thanks mickecarlsson


I was looking at FreePBX 2.8 on another system and the optional messages are present. Do they only show up when the routes are configured? That would make sense as I have a fresh install (last night) without any routes using FreePBX 2.6.

They are the same list of ‘recordings’ that are presented anywhere that a recording is an option, based on what you created in the recording module, plus some of the tones like congestion tones.

the default is what it does today.

You can choose any recording that you create with your recording module, your own or system recordings, or you can play some of the standard tones available.

I’m trying to wrap my head around what the Route Congestion Messages module improves. Ideally, it should give the user unique error message that corresponds to route congestion on each: Standard Routes, Intracompany Routes and Emergency Routes.

Looking at /var/www/html/admin/modules/outroutemsg/function.inc.php, it seems that the default message for each is still the old “all-circuits-busy-now&pls-try-call-later, noanswer”.

There seems to be no option except for a tone or the old default error message. Are we expected to record our own error messages and modify function.inc.php?

Also how are the three routes defined: Standard routes, Intracompany Routes and Emergency Routes? What are the rules that make each?

I took a look at version 2.8 and it seems to be doing much the same.