What is BLKVM?

Sorry if this question seems stupid, but I can’t figure out what BLKVM is. Tried googling but found no explanation.

The question comes up to my mind because, in an installation which uses queues, I end up with 100+ database entries like this:
/BLKVM/600/SIP/mydidnumber-b7840a58 : TRUE

I was wondering if I have to clear them, and how. Can you give me some hints?


what version of FreePBX are you using? They should get automatically cleared in the hangup context. On a rare occasion an entry can get left in but if you have that many there might be an issue with your system (or version) that it is not getting cleared. As far as removing them, you should delete the entire tree when the system is idle.

FreePBX version is

How do I delete the entire tree?

from the CLI:

database deltree BLKVM

ok I’ll clear them tonight and keep my eyes on it on next days…

checked that installation after a week: there are about 80 entry like this.
BLKVM/[queue_number]/SIP/[DID]-xxxxxxxxx: TRUE

any hint?

I would have to see a lot more detail on how your system is setup, how calls come in, any customizations you might have, etc. It could be a bug that results in some usage pattern where the flag is not being deleted or related to something you have setup on your system. Without a close analysis I could not say more. There is no significant harm done as long as you trim it occasionally. You can execute the dbdeltree command above from a cron job nightly or weekly or you can dig into the system to see why they are being left. It is deleted in macro-hangupcall (if not deleted by the queue dialplan code itself), and in a few other places.