What is 'asteriskrealtime' database for?

In all trixbox installations, there is always a database named ‘asteriskrealtime’. Is this created by FreePBX? If yes, what is it for? I never saw it getting populated.

No, but if you google it you’ll find a world of information about it.

We do not create it (or if we do, it is a bug). It can be used by Asterisk when running in realtime mode, which executes commands out of a database instead of the extensions.conf file. It is something that is not at all used by FreePBX. You can get lots more information about realtime and why some asterisk users use realtime on various asterisk related websites.

I just read about asteriskrealtime and found it very interesting. Now I am thinking of start using asteriskrealtime instead of asterisk database and edit conf files everytime.

But I am also wondering why FreePBX is not using asteriskrealtime, which seems like a faster way to update and modify extensions. Is there any catch in using asteriskrealtime?