What happened to moh function in the extension tab?

What happened to moh function in the extension tab?

could you provide a bit more info? like what version of FreePBX you are running?

The MoH selection in the Extension tab was always a bit confusing, it was only valid for calls that came in on the directdid associated with that extension. Same thing for privacy manager and the fax options. Since the directdid was merged into the inbound routes, all the related options were no longer needed as they are already in the inbound route screen.

Basically we cannot set specific MOH music according to whichever extension places the call on hold anymore? we have different departments which are requesting specific on hold music. To set the class by inbound and outbound route is too generic. It would be nice if the option was there which would take precedence over the inbound/outbound route.

As well as internal extension to extension the inbound / outbound moh won’t apply.

that’s what the feature requests section of the ticket system is for, if there is not already such a request there. Feel free to provide that information since that is where we will look when we are working on new functionality. The current functionality is exactly what what there in 2.4 though (even though it is not what you want, just want to make sure you are aware that it did not digress).