What exactly is HA Maintenance Mode

Can anybody elaborate what High Availability Maintenance Mode actually does?
As I understand it, the cluster won’t try to start or stop services if Maintenance Mode is on.
What about replication services, are these still happening?
Is pacemaker fully active?



I have read the wiki but it doesn’t go into detail very much.
Is cluster replication still happening while in maintenance mode?

I would assume no since, the wiki article states “While FreePBX HA is in Maintenance mode, the cluster will ignore any changes you make, will not restart services, and will not fail services to the other node.”

Can we clarify this with Rob?

Maintenance mode stops things from changing. If things are already replicating, they will continue to do so. If they’re not, they will continue not.

When you take it OUT of maintenance mode, it will then validate everything and start or stop anything that should be started or stopped